Behaviour analysis

Our SmartQ professionals work with Behaviour Analysis, a discipline that permits us to understand and eventually correct those behaviours that undermine the security of property and people. In fact, for us at SmartQ, the most important aspect is prevention.

Prevention means avoiding unpleasant episodes that can cause damage, including psychological damage to persons. Identifying and overcoming the weak points in behaviour and habits helps to minimize the possibility that such episodes occur.

In this field, our objective, as well as providing security, is to offer peace of mind to our clients, one of the most precious values available to all and to be preserved.

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SmartQ is a leader in the Security Sector for the protection of property and people.
The security of our clients is guaranteed not only by the passion in our work but also by the continuous training and investment in research and development that has enabled SmartQ to stay in the forefront
in the use of cutting edge technology and always one step ahead of criminality.

Our multiple solutions are specifically designed for homes, businesses, public environments, moving vehicles, military zones.

Amongst other things, we carry out the installation of Intelligent video surveillance, Fingerprint identification, Facial recognition, Investigative systems, Machine Learning.

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